In order to secure a rising and thriving North Carolina, a cutting edge citizen engagement organization, Carolina Rising, was launched in April of 2014.


Carolina Rising works to champion sound public policy, compare & contrast competing visions for the Tar Heel State. Our work includes supporting free market, education and government reform policies that will guarantee a rising and thriving North Carolina.


Organized as a 501 C-4, Carolina Rising seeks to aggressively promote sound public policies and individual freedoms via a unique and inventive citizen engagement organization.


A key mission of Carolina Rising aims at providing common-sense analysis of proven policies and contrast them with the increasingly radical political agenda of the liberal left, which often has little to offer besides complaints, protests and lawsuits.


To ensure continued success, it is vital to implement a robust social and digital media strategy that evolves with new media trends to not only communicate North Carolina’s successes, but publicize the policies that led to those results. Carolina Rising aims to be the most innovative and savvy public policy organization in North Carolina, expanding operations through a multifaceted platform of personalized digital citizen engagement.  Carolina Rising is fully entrenched in developing and defining cutting edge communication to enable citizen engagement.


Carolina Rising relies on the generosity of private funding and the dedicated enthusiasm of the citizens of North Carolina.


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Carolina Rising is here to engage North Carolinians on free market, education and government reform policies that will guarantee a better North Carolina for future generations. Click the link below to get involved!