Carolina Rising Releases Statewide Robo-Call Alerting The Public About Roy Cooper’s Power Grab

13:41 13 June in Press Release

For Immediate Release
Contact: Dallas Woodhouse

June 12, 2021 

Carolina Rising Releases Statewide Robo-Call Alerting The Public About Roy Cooper’s Power Grab

Cooper Abuses Power to Keep Power, Punish Opponents

(Raleigh)  Carolina Rising is today calling hundreds of thousands of North Carolina voters informing them of Roy Cooper’s abuse of power by using an ongoing State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) investigation to smear political opponents.

“Roy Cooper is the most political Attorney General in modern North Carolina politics,” said Carolina Rising President Dallas Woodhouse. “He is now playing politics with our SBI, to  damage his political opponents and to hold on to political power after overseeing a lousy crime  lab that put hundreds of criminal cases at risk.   “Cooper may be an ambitious politician but overseeing an incompetent crime lab puts us all at risk, and manipulating our top police agency to play politics, is just wrong and the voters need to know about it. “

After the SBI crime lab scandal and the outrageous appointing of Roy Cooper’s lobbyist, a person with no law enforcement experience to head the SBI, the General Assembly is considering moving the SBI to the Department of Public Safety, a move considered for years by Republicans and Democrats.

Cooper apparently released information about an investigation into a political donor who may have broken campaign finance laws.   Cooper’s staff seemed  leave the impression that some of Coopers political opponents may have done something wrong, although there is no apparent factual basis for that allegation and little likelihood under existing campaign finance law.

Cooper recently had to admit that he lied in a 2000 TV ad and has continued to lie about it for the last 14 years.

Republicans and Democrats have attacked Roy Cooper for allowing pollution from coal ash to continue for years.




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