15,000 New Jobs in April and 10th Straight Month of Falling Unemployment Show New Policies Helping Carolina Rise!!!

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May 16, 2021

15,000 New Jobs in April and 10th Straight Month of Falling Unemployment Show New Policies Helping Carolina Rise!!!

As Protesters Prepare To Return New Polices Working, Helping Drop Unemployment Rate more than 40% Since 2011 GOP Budget , More than 30% Since First Monday Protest


(Raleigh)  Another excited drop in the unemployment rate was greeting as proof new economic policies are working in North Carolina said Carolina Rising President Dallas Woodhouse.

“In June 2011, when the republican legislature began tax relief and reform by reducing income and sales tax rates, the unemployment rate was at 10.4%.  We are now at 6.2 % and seeing one of the fastest drops in unemployment in the nation,” said Carolina Rising President Dallas Woodhouse.  With 10 straight month of falling unemployment, a growing labor force and 15 thousand new jobs in April, this is great news that should be cheered by the protesters on Monday.”

“With continued tax relief and reform, unemployment insurance reform, and regulatory reform signed into law by Governor McCrory last year, there has been a dramatic reduction in unemployment since the first Monday protest in April of 2013. The good news rolls on. This is solid evidence these reforms are working and good policy matters,” said Woodhouse

As noted by reports from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and respected journalists, this comes with the labor force growing in North Carolina, not shrinking.

North Carolina Unemployment Rate History:

January 2011:  10.4% - GOP takes over NC House and NC Senate

June 2011:           10.4% - GOP overrides Gov. Perdue Budget veto. Lowers sales tax, income tax,    raises teacher pay 1.2%

April 2013:           8.9 % - First Monday Protest

July 2013:             8.9% - Gov. Pat McCrory signs tax relief and reform

March 2014:                 6.3%

April 2014:           6.2%



The Mission of Carolina Rising is to champion sound public policy that secures a rising and thriving North Carolina.

An innovative citizen engagement organization, Carolina Rising supports free market, education and government reform policies that will guarantee a better North Carolina for future generations. Organized as a 501 C-4, Carolina Rising seeks to aggressively promote sound public policies and individual freedoms and seeks to educate citizens by comparing & contrasting competing visions for the Tar Heel State.

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