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The economic outlook for North Carolina is stellar, but you wouldn’t know it if you only read mainstream news covering protests from the left against voter ID laws and reducing spending.

In an interview with Watchdog Wire North Carolina, Dallas Woodhouse, former state director for Americans for Prosperity of North Carolina and now founder of the newly launched Carolina Rising, said he would use his nonprofit to “confront the hysterics that the other side is in the business of stirring up.”

Creating policies that help people requires “the willingness to do some very difficult things to improve the health of the state.”

Woodhouse outlined some of the hard choices the legislature made during 2013:

  • Unemployment insurance reform, which included cutting the benefits weeks back,
  • Cutting [unemployment] benefits back,
  • Refusing to take unemployment insurance from the federal government,
  • Paying back the debt, trying to lessen tax burden on North Carolina businesses.


“All of those are enormously difficult tasks; and nobody slaps a politician on the back and says ‘I love you’ for doing those things,” he said.

The results speak for themselves. The unemployment rate in the state dropped 2.1 to 2.2 percentage points in the last year alone. “North Carolina was above the national average in unemployment numbers for years; now we’re below that after three years of Republican leadership and one year of McCrory’s leadership,” he said.

Woodhouse has a background in government, television and politics and he says these will be helpful in fulfilling Carolina Rising’s mission which “supports free market, education and government reform policies that will guarantee a better North Carolina for future generations.”

The creation of the nonprofit came about when some individuals went to Woodhouse and said they didn’t think North Carolina’s story of revival and rebirth through great policies was being told. There was too much negative press highlighting protestors and not enough promotion of the good coming out of the reforms.

“I think our side has been too passive in passing good policy and counting on it to work rather than telling the story and confronting the other folks who are willing to pull us back into the direction of high taxes, high regulation, and the inevitable corruption that comes with a larger and more intrusive government,” Woodhouse said.

He plans to use a variety of tools including social media to educate the public about the benefits of free markets. Telling the story will involve “confronting distortions in the media. I have a unique ability to do that; building digital platforms, email lists,  Facebook, andTwitter…and be able to talk directly with people and get the story out in a way it’s not getting out now.”

The liberal left and the protests they periodically stage appear to be a major obstacle to making sure the public knows the facts about the positive changes happening within the state. Woodhouse wonders aloud what they are protesting. What are their motives?

I think it’s a fair question: are they protesting the incredible job numbers we have? Are they protesting the roughly 20 thousand new jobs we had in March? The second best job creation state in March? Are they protesting voter security laws we passed to confront the 35 thousand potential cases of voter fraud uncovered by the State Board of Elections? Are they protesting our improved economic conditions? Or are they just protesting because they’re not in charge?


Woodhouse will measure the success of Carolina Rising by a high degree of public awareness, which he intends to accomplish by directly communicating with the public, going “around the traditional media.”

When asked whether the left’s hysterics could possibly turn North Carolina back in the other direction, Woodhouse said, “Nothing is permanent in politics. Nothing.”

Carolina Rising aims to help North Carolina keep its guard up by proactively countering the left’s message of “doom and gloom.”

“Carolina’s rising, we’re rising up from the recession, people need to know it and they need to know why,” Woodhouse said.


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