Speaker Thom Tillis fights for Samuel

12:32 24 September in Article

Carolina Rising, a North Carolina-based outside group, is airing two new spots touting GOP Senate candidate Thom Tillis’s efforts to pass an autism insurance measure in the state House, where he serves as speaker.

The group, set up as a tax-exempt nonprofit this year to highlight the work of the unpopular Republican-led state legislature, released 30-second and 60-second ads in which parents of an autistic child, Samuel, thank Tillis.

“We knew something was wrong with Samuel,” says Bobbie Robinson of Greenville, N.C. in the 30-second spot. “When the doctors told us autism, my heart sunk, and when I found out that insurance companies were denying coverage for the therapy that he needed, I couldn’t believe it. Thom Tillis saw a need and he fought for it”

Bobbie Robinson’s husband Kyle Robinson adds: “Thom Tillis has taken the politics and big insurance to the side and tried to do the right thing for the families of North Carolina.”

The bill, which would require state-regulated insurance companies to cover autism therapy, passed the state House but has yet to pass the Senate. The Republican, who is in a tight race against Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan, wore an “Autism Speaks” pin in his first ad and debate.

“It is important that people know that Speaker Thom Tillis was fighting for children like Samuel up to the very last minute of the session and will continue to do so,” said Dallas Woodhouse, president of the group. “This effort for autism is well on its way to passage because of Speaker Tillis and we thank him for that, and so do Samuel, his family and so many like them.”

The spots, which will air in all six media markets in the state, are backed by a $2 million buy. In all, the group has spent $4.7 million on ads so far this year.

Woodhouse, a conservative North Carolina-based operative, is a former state director for Americans for Prosperity and the subject of a new movie — ” Woodhouse Divided” — with his brother, Democratic strategist Brad Woodhouse.